About Fulscher's Waterproofing

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to turn wet, stinky, moldy basements into dry, healthy, usable, or livable space.

Heavy-duty sub-slab drain tile systems which meet and exceed all building codes.

We only install heavy duty sub-slab drain-tile systems that exceed building codes. No 'fake it and take their money' track systems here. We Do Not have a service department because we do not have leaks! Zero tolerance for leakage. I have been installing the same system since I started the business in 1994.

About Don Fulscher

Don FulscherDon is a Quad City Area native, Born in Moline and raised in Sherrard, IL.

With several years of experience working with concrete and construction already under his belt, Don went to work for Nations largest Waterproofing Company in 1989. From 1989 to 1994 Don waterproofed homes in the Quad Cities and the surrounding region with great success. In 1992 Don became the first Radon Gas measurement and mitigation contractor who was licensed and listed with the state and the E.P.A.

In 1994 Don started his own company: Fulscher's Basement Waterproofing. He put his name on the company so that people would have no doubts about who the owner is, and who takes responsibility for the work. The business is kept small enough that Don can be on every job. Customers speak directly to the owner; and not to a salesman, a foreman, or a leadman.

People want to feel they've gotten their money's worth for any work they have done to their homes. At Fulscher Waterproofing, we always go above and beyond the call of duty in an attempt to make every customer happy.