Drain Tile System

Drain Tile SystemDrain Tile SystemI use four-inch, schedule twenty perforated pipe in a trench next to the footing. The trench is normally about ten inches deep and twelve inches wide, lined with a non-biodegradable filter and surrounded by plenty of rock for drainage. My system also has a piece of PVC sheeting attached to the wall with neoprene rivets. This sheeting controls the water flowing from the weep holes behind it and guides it to the trench. The sheeting can be installed all the way up the walls for a semi-finished, maintenance-free wall.

The system is normally a continuous loop around the entire perimeter of the foundation, draining to a sump pit and pump. The pump pushes the water through a one-and-a-half inch PVC pipe to a location far enough away that it doesn't reenter the foundation. This system not only drains the water out of the walls and lowers the water table under the floor, it also helps dry out the soil outside, preventing the freezing and heaving which destroys foundations.

Drain Tile SystemDrain Tile SystemAll of the materials used in this system are purchased locally. I have been installing this same system since I started the business in 1994. Our drain tile system meets or exceeds all local building codes. Not all systems are designed to meet building code. Some systems are designed for low overhead, easy installation, and high profit. In my opinion, companies who install these lesser systems are in the business of making money, not fixing basements.