Structural Supports

SupportsSupportsI call them structural supports because the way I install them they support the entire structure. I do not believe that any type of wall brace will do any good. When there is wet soil on the outside of the house, freezing, it must expand as it freezes. This moves the wall inward slightly and will allow it to move back a tiny bit when the ground thaws. This is the same way sidewalks and driveways raise up and lower with freezing and thawing.

There is approximately ten thousand pounds per square inch of pressure pushing on the wall when the saturated soil outside freezes and expands. This means many tons of pressure moving the wall. If you were to install a brace that would not move, the rest of the wall would break apart around the brace. The key is to eliminate the water which causes the expansion when freezing. If you dry up the soil on the outside, it cannot freeze and move the wall. This is where our interior drain tile works. With a good drain tile system on the inside, the soil outside can drain and dry out, eliminating the problem.

SupportsSupportsIf structural supports are needed, I install them so they support the floor joists and prevent the structure from sagging. They also take the weight off of the foundation walls. In my opinion, most so-called wall-brace systems are little more than a scam to take your money.